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Although I am part of a gay community, my views may not be what you'd expect them to be. Creed, gender, race, orientation, ability to curl my tongue, etcetera, do not exclusively define or confine my being. I've hung out with lots of different types of people; it's how we both expand our horizons. If anything, growing up poor was the greatest divider. I question things, including the people questioning things. I expect others to be different. You're not obliged to be PC. Ego and narcissism are a drag. I enjoy having some things in common, but people who are good at being friends are more important.

Despite being a free thinker in certain regards, as well as full of contradiction (like everyone in the human race)...I'm pretty likable! If you don't find that to be the case, well then I'll live, and I probably would still rescue you from the volcano (or whatever). A disagreement does not have to be the end of a relationship, it can even be a beginning.

I believe in putting your money where your mouth is, I'm more likely to do something than just talk/type/meme about it. Former office assistant: non-profit, legal, and medical. Also done high-end retail and low-end barrister work. Blue collar and proud. Currently employed by Uncle Sam and working like a SOB. Raised by a single parent, lived through abuse and sustained bullying. Which was good since it prepared me for a lot of similar BS on the Internet.

I'm thoughtful. Loyal. Smart. Brave. Funny. Sometimes dark. Often comforting. Quick with a compliment. Engaging. Not above apologizing, but not a doormat. Cool. Nerdy. INFP. Good listener - a rainy day person both figuratively and literally. Not afraid to be a pain-in-the-ass or offer tough love. Not into drama; fact is better than gossip.

People whom you think you can trust will betray you, yet the person you judged may end up having your back one day -- the world is not cut and dry. I've had it crumble many times under my feet. You just never know. We do our best, we are all a cosmos of experiences. If only existence was as simple as "us" and "them". It isn't. And it behooves a bastard not to let you know they are a bastard. Hell, sometimes we're bastards to ourselves! I've gotten old enough to deal with that, but still young enough to remain curious. Examining ourselves is important. Personal growth is to be celebrated. Healing. The world will keep turning. We all have a lot to learn.

I love science and science fiction. Cartoons. Comics. Old skool stuff. 80's. Originality. Surrealism. Textures. Machines. A good beat. The abstract. I'm apt at art, though I find time for it has dwindled and money makes it tough to keep up with technology (more and more necessary to arts & communication). Cats and animals are fun to discuss too. Nature makes fine photography. As does architecture.

I write about my daily life, including food. I love food. And cigars. And whiskey. Unfortunately, I've struggled most of my life with a health ailment. I hate it. I don't want that to define me either. I've done everything I could to beat it. Western medicine has helped and failed, but gobs of personal research were key. Daily struggle. Point is, that's affected my diet as well. Dairy-Free. Low Glycemic. Occasional Vegan. Experimenting with Gluten Free (I know, I know). So, if you eat differently, that's fine. No brow-beating. But I do like to think about food!

Grew up in multiple coasts, including East, South, and West. In that order. Lived in suburbia before SF. I also write about neighbors. Again, defying expectation, not everyone in this lovely city is a lovely person. *ahem* Perhaps you'll relate? At least it's always interesting and there are lots of things to focus on in the Bay Area. #GoGiants

tl;dr - I'm ŵęïŗĐ — in the true sense of the word, which means that I'm unlikely to meet your expectations. That may be good or it may be bad, ymmv.

* If there appear to be posts that you cannot see, they're probably boring twitter updates; I'm not into "hiding" things.

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For since man has decided to occupy the place of God he has shown himself to be by far the blindest, and cruelest, and pettiest and most ridiculous of all the false gods.

Thomas Merton
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