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If there appear to be posts that you cannot see, they're probably boring twitter updates.

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For since man has decided to occupy the place of God he has shown himself to be by far the blindest, and cruelest, and pettiest and most ridiculous of all the false gods.

- Thomas Merton -
24 hour diners, 30 rock, 80's, a kockásfülű nyúl, albinism, alchemy, aliens, ancient egypt, androgyny, androids, artificial intelligence, artificial limbs, astrology, astrophysics, avant garde, being contrary, black books, black holes, boardwalk empire, carl jung, cartoons, cats, cephalopods, charlie rose, children, comic books, connecting-through-more-than-fandom, cyberpunk, dark chocolate, dark humor, david bowie, deep thinking, deutschland, dimensions, dojinshi, don quixote, dragons, drawing, drug-free, edward gorey, electromagnetics, electronica, esp, europe, extremes, feminism, firearms, food, foriegn culture, fringe, genetics, glyphs, god, goth, great thinkers, human interaction, icons, idm, illuminati, infp, integrity, irredescent, japan, jorge louis borges, justified, korea, kuroshitsuji, language, law enforcement, leonardo da vinci, lewis carroll, lightning, liminal, longevity, longmire, machinery, michael jackson, mindfuck, misanthropy, miyazaki, mlp:fim, mojoverse, monogamy, motorcycles, museums, mutation, mystery, myth, nasa, nightcrawler, not watching television, obscurity, once upon a time, organic, origin of life, originality, osamu tezuka, paper, philosophy, pixar, psychology, quantum mechanics, quiet, radio, rain, remembering to enjoy life, researching for fun, retro-futurism, robotics, rozen maiden, sailor moon, sashimi, science fiction, sir issac newton, sociology, solitude, space stations, st:tng, subversive childrens' books, surrealism, symbolism, synergy, taiko, takarazuka, technology, the creative process, the human brain, theology, thor, tumblr, typeface, unusual phenomena, vintage, volunteering, wabi-sabi, watercolor, wayne douglas barlowe, what cannot be seen, whole foods, willy wonka, writing, x-men, мультфильмы, العربية, , , アニメ, チャーリーとチョコレート工場, マンガ, 銀の匙

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